General Information:

At Rope Adventure Park, we are committed to providing you an unforgettable and safe adventure on our Rope Course. Please take a moment to review some important details to ensure your experience is seamless and enjoyable.

Time Slots:

We value your time and kindly request that all guests adhere to their designated time slots. Punctuality ensures that everyone can enjoy their adventure to the fullest. If you arrive late for your time slot, we will, unfortunately, have to ask you to reschedule your tickets.

Safety First:

Your safety is our top priority. Rest assured that we provide all the necessary safety equipment required for your Rope Course experience. Our experienced staff members are on hand to assist and guide you throughout your adventure.


The estimated duration of the Rope Course is approximately 45 minutes. This ample time allows you to conquer the obstacles and savor the thrill of your journey through the treetops.

Entrance Fee:

Please note that the entrance fee for the Rope Course does not include access to the Pines Resort water park. It is exclusively for the Rope Course experience.

Height Restrictions:

For safety reasons, participants must be at least 1.2 meters tall to join the course. Children below this height require consent from a parent or guardian to participate.

Weight Restrictions:

To ensure the safety of all participants, there is a maximum weight limit of 120 kilograms. All customers will be required to be weighed at the reception to ensure adherence to this restriction.

Refund Policy:

We understand that sometimes unforeseen circumstances can affect your plans. Please be aware that refunds are not provided to clients who are unable to complete the Rope Course. However, we do offer the option of rescheduling your adventure.

Rescheduling Information:

Reschedules can be made, but we request that they are done at least 5 hours before the scheduled time of your booking. Failing to do so will result in the full value of the ticket being forfeited. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How high is the Rope Course?

The course elevates participants to various levels, with the lowest platform at 2 meters above the ground and the highest at 5 meters.

  • How long does the activity take?

The duration of the Rope Course adventure depends on your Chimp & Zee abilities, ranging between 30 minutes to 1 hour of heart-pounding excitement.

  • Do I need to be fit and strong?

While a degree of physical fitness is required, you don’t need to be a fitness enthusiast. If you can manage to run up a flight of stairs, you should be ready to tackle the challenges ahead!

  • Continuous Belay Safety System:

Rest assured, we prioritize your safety. Our specialized continuous sliding safety attachment system is permanently connected to your harness throughout the course.

  • What if I get scared and want to stop?

Your safety is of utmost importance to us. If you ever feel overwhelmed during the course, simply notify one of our safety guides. They will promptly assist you and, if needed, belay you down to the ground. However, please note that refunds are not provided in such cases.

  • What if I’m pregnant?

Congratulations on your pregnancy! However, for safety reasons, we advise against participating in the Rope Course while pregnant. We encourage you to come back and enjoy the adventure once your little one arrives.


Before starting your exhilarating adventure, please familiarize yourself with the Disclaimer board displayed at the ticket office and the beginning of the rope course. To ensure everyone’s safety, kindly adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Do not try to adjust or play with your harness, carabiners, lanyards, attachments, or the trolley. This is to be done by the guides ONLY.
  • Do not go until instructed.
  • Keep hands off the top steel cable to which the trolley is attached to.
  • Do not climb up elements and only climb along or horizontally.
  • On the course only one person is allowed per obstacle.
  • Up to two people may be on the platforms where the poles are.
  • Ensure the person in front of you is safely off the zip line and on the platform before you start sliding on each zip line.
  • Please try not to hold up other people who are behind you.
  • If you need assistance, please call one of the ground instructors who will be walking around the course.
  • Please wait for the person in front of you to be off the zipline and safely on the platform before you slide!!

We hope you have an amazing time at our Rope Adventure Course, creating lasting memories and enjoying the thrill of this unique experience.